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    OK, here are some really random ideas...
    an ability that works like download, except for defense. Like if you sent out the pokemon, it would gain either defense or special defense, depending on which stat is higher for the opponent.
    Another random ability is when the pokemon is hit with a move (let's say tackle), then the receiver of the attack will gain in its attack stat by 1, since tackle is physical. And the same for something likw water gun, the receiver gains special attack. It can either work like this up to two times per switch-in, or it can be a +2 on the stat.

    Also, I was thinking about Magmaruby's thought of not having to charge, and I was thinking of something kind of similar, but for stat decreases and gains. Now this is really weird, but it's just an idea.
    So basically, if the pokemon gets hit with a stat gaining or decreasing move, they all happen at the end of the next turn the stat move was used. So let's say Rattata used Overheat. It wouldn't lose Special Attack until the end of next turn. And the same for gains and increases. But this can easily be abused, I know, as pokemon can use strong moves like Overheat two times before having the lower come in. But yeah, just a weird idea.
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