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    It depends a lot on where I'm at and on what device. I'll just list all of them.

    1. Internet Explorer. The browser I absolutely have to use at work. SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics require them, and all of the company's web sites have Active X controls. When I am at home on my Windows 8 laptop this is the browser of choice for a lot of reasons, first when using in Windows 8 mode it is freaky fast (way faster than chrome). Second, apparently Google Chrome has some Issues with Windows 8 and the cache. Until that is fixed I am happy using Internet Explorer 10.

    2. Google Chrome. The browser of choice at work. When I am killing time at work or just doing what ever, I use chrome, its much faster than IE9. (Previously browser of choice)

    3. Skype. It's my main method of contact with my friends. I use it on my laptop, phone, and tablet. (Android devices)

    4. Microsoft Word (2010 and 2013). I have use this program so much in college. I tried using things like Google Docs, but the amount of things that I can do in Word to help me out during a project for school was just too much. I still have Office 2010 at home from when I was in college, I use it all the time to write my thoughts down or for a to do list. It loads much faster than Google Docs can load. For me, there is nothing better. I use Word 2013 at work. I use it as spell check and general note keeping. ( I know I should probably use One Note, but I'm stuck in my ways XD)

    5. Outlook 2013 Work email, I'm constantly using this program.

    Honorable Mention. Windows Media Player. I don't actively use the program all the time, but it is constantly running on my home computer, usually playing music. I can't live without my music.
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