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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Pink).

Final Update (#3) on Platinum.
  • Surfed to Victory Road, Marcus had fun there.
  • Beat Barry at the Pokemon League, then EV trained my team and finalized movesets, getting them to L57.
  • Took on the Elite Four. None were really hard as I was overleveled for the most part.
  • Finally Cynthia was up. Here's the video and play-by-play.



Elite Four:

Champion Cynthia:

Hall of Fame:

Team Pink:

Healer the Bold Blissey, ♀ - L58 @ Zoom Lens
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Thunder, Softboiled, Fire Blast, Stealth Rock
Final Stats: 405/15/34/122/175/83
Elite Four MVP

Heart the Serious Mesprit - L57 @ Choice Specs
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Psychic, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Blizzard
Final Stats: 175/125/146/162/144/116

Sakura the Bold Cherrim, ♀ - L58 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Flower Gift
Moves: Petal Dance, Toxic, Solarbeam, Sunny Day
Final Stats: 175/68/116/147/111/143
Sinnoh co-MVP

Fable the Gentle Clefable, ♀ - L58 @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Strength, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Moonlight
Final Stats: 208/86/92/135/141/100

Marcus the Brave Lickilicky, ♂ - L58 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Own Tempo
Moves: Return, Power Whip, Earthquake, Swords Dance
Final Stats: 242/162/129/105/132/71
Sinnoh co-MVP, Cynthia MVP

Nessie the Mild Milotic, ♀ - L58 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Marvel Scale
Moves: Surf, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Recover
Final Stats: 211/74/98/179/161/126

HM Slaves:

Tropius - Fly, Defog, Cut, Rock Smash [boxed]

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