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    -- Update 3 --

    Finally beat Red with Monotype Bug! Very surprised by where I had trouble, which was really only Lorelei, it was terrible! I had absolutely zero trouble from any other boss, but jeez, her Ice moves are terrible. Bug was really useful first gen, strong against so much.

    - Entered the Silph Building
    - Fifth battle against Xerxes
    - Sgt. Sting poisoned Pidgeot before being taken out
    - Fun Guy finished Pidgeot off with Body Slam
    - Gambit took out Gyarados with Slash
    - Margarine beat Growlithe with Psychic
    - Alakazam beat Margarine with Psybeam
    - Fun Guy beat Alakazam with Slash
    - Fun Guy weakened Venusaur, but was taken out by Razor Leaf
    - Gambit finished off Venusaur with Slash
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Received Lapras - S.S. Annie
    - Challenged Giovanni
    - Sgt. Sting beat Nidorino and Kangaskhan with Twineedle
    - Fun Guy defeated Rhyhorn with Mega Drain
    - Fun Guy beat Nidoqueen with Dig and Slash
    - Defeated Giovanni and received the Master Ball
    - Swept through the Fighting Dojo and received Hitmonlee - Kicky
    - Challenged Sabrina
    - Gambit swept through Kadabra, Mr. Mime, and Venomoth with Slash
    - Sgt. Sting beat Alakazam with Twineedle
    - Defeated Sabrina and received the Marsh Badge

    - Arrived on Cinnabar Island
    - Went through the Pokemon Mansion and received the Secret Key
    - Used TM22 to teach Margarine Solarbeam
    - Challenged Blaine
    - Blaine used a Super Potion on Growlithe the first turn before I had even had a chance to attack him...
    - Fun Guy took out Growlithe with Dig
    - Blaine used a Super Potion on Ponyta, again before being attacked
    - Gambit raised his attack with Swords Dance, then beat Ponyta with Slash
    - Margarine put Rapidash to sleep with Sleep Powder and beat him with Psychic
    - Arcanine took out Fun Guy, Sgt. Sting, and Margarine with Fire Blast
    - Gambit finally beat Arcanine with Slash
    - Defeated Blaine and received the Volcano Badge

    - Returned to Viridian City
    - Challenged Giovanni
    - Sgt. Sting took out Rhyhorn with Twineedle
    - Sgt. Sting beat Dugtrio with Pin Missile
    - Fun Guy defeated Nidoqueen with Dig
    - Margarine beat Nidoking with Psychic
    - Margarine knocked out Rhydon with Solarbeam
    - Defeated Giovanni and received the Earth Badge

    - Umpteenth battle against Xerxes
    - Sgt. Sting weakened Pidgeot, but was taken out by Quick Attack
    - Fun Guy finished off Pidgeot with Slash
    - Fun Guy defeated Rhyhorn with Mega Drain
    - Margarine beat Gyarados with Psychic
    - Growlithe took out Margarine with Ember
    - Gambit knocked out Growlithe with Slash
    - Gambit used Swords Dance and Leer, then destroyed Alakazam with Slash
    - Fun Guy weakened Venusaur, but was beaten by Razor Leaf
    - Gambit finished off Venusaur with Slash
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Entered Victory Road
    - Arrived in the Pokemon League
    - Bought a ludicrous amount of healing items
    - Challenged Lorelei
    - Fun Guy put Dewgong to sleep and took her out with Slash
    - Sgt. Sting beat Cloyster, Slowbro, and Jynx
    - Margarine put Lapras to sleep and beat it with Psychic
    - Defeated Lorelei and healed up
    - Challenged Bruno
    - Fun Guy took out both Onixs with Mega Drain
    - Margarine swept the rest of Bruno’s team with Psychic
    - Defeated Bruno
    - Challenged Agatha
    - Fun Guy took out Golbat with Slash
    - Fun Guy took out Haunter, both Gengars, and Arbok with Dig
    - Defeated Agatha and healed up
    - Challenged Lance
    - Gambit took down Gyarados with Slash
    - Fun Guy took out both Dragonairs with Slash
    - Fun Guy took out Aerodactyl with Mega Drain
    - Fun Guy put Aerodactyl to sleep with Spore and beat it with Slash
    - Defeated Lance and healed up
    - Final battle with Xerxes
    - Gambit beat Pidgeot and Alakazam with Slash
    - Fun Guy took out Rhydon with Mega Drain
    - Margarine poisoned Gyarados with Toxic and Sgt. Sting finished him off with Skull Bash
    - Gambit took out Arcanine and Venusaur with Slash
    - Defeated Xerxes and completed the game

    ~-~ Team ~-~


    ~-~ Team Synopsis ~-~

    MVP - Gambit

    Slash - Swords Dance
    Leer - Rage

    For the time it took to save up the money for Gambit, he was worth it. Gambit’s best feature was the absolute Speed hacks he got for Criticals. Since they were based on Speed instead of Luck, every Slash from Gambit was a Critical, making him a devastating force. Gambit ended at the highest level, and had two stats over 140, acing through Pokemon that should kill him normally. Slash was clearly the main move, and pretty much the only move I ever used. Swords Dance, Leer, and Rage just kind of happened, but never actually helped because of how the Criticals worked first gen. If Criticals worked this way in other games, I would use a Scyther every time.

    LVP - Sgt. Sting

    Poison Sting - Twineedle
    Pin Missile - Skull Bash

    I expected Sgt. Sting to become obsolete, but he really served his use for the first 6 gyms much better than I expected he would. With Bug type’s incredible power in the first generation, he was the wild card that took down Poison, Psychic, and Ghost types with ease. However, his low stats really shined once we got to the Elite Four, and I had counted on him to take out Agatha. However, he didn’t do really anything for the last stretch of the game, and unfortunately got placed as LVP because of it. Poison Sting was never really used, and was simply a relic of his old Weedle days. Twineedle was Sgt. Sting’s best attack, as it was both powerful, hit twice, and could poison. Because of this, Twineedle was Sgt. Sting’s main attack, and was quite useful while Sgt. Sting was helpful. Pin Missile was Sgt. Sting’s other Bug type move, and was used on bulkier Pokemon with more health, since it had the chance to hit 5 times. Skull Bash was very useful, as it allowed me to hit targets that Poison Sting and the Bug moves didn’t do well with. Sgt. Sting was extremely useful as an early Pokemon, but just became unusable as the late part of the game progressed. I could see using him again, but not as a permanent member of my team.


    Solarbeam - Psychic
    Toxic - Sleep Powder

    Margarine was a useful Pokemon on my team, especially as it was my main Special attacking force. Both of Margarine’s offensive moves, Psychic and Solarbeam, provided excellent coverage from Poison and Rock types, both being boosted by an impressive Special stat. In addition, Toxic and Sleep Powder saw their use too, especially in the Elite Four, making it actually possible to beat some of the tougher Pokemon. Butterfree was very good in this generation, however most of her Special stat went into Special Defense, not Attack, making Butterfree a much less useful Pokemon. Playing Red, I would love to use her again.

    Fun Guy

    Slash - Mega Drain
    Spore - Dig

    Fun Guy was a very good balanced attacker on my team, having high Attack and Special, complementing Slash and Mega Drain nicely. Slash was my basic move, since it had the highest PP, but whenever I had type advantage, I would go for Dig on Fire types and Mega Drain on Rock and Water types. Spore was a very tactical move, and actually made it possible to defeat Lorelei’s absurd Pokemon. Even with 3 quad weaknesses, Fun Guy made an excellent addition to the team, and I would gladly use him again in a later game.

    Alright, well Red is now finished! Onwards to Crystal!

    -- End of Update 3 --