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    The 3D they use for mapping is far more refined than anything we've seen from them so far. The one thing that I disliked about generation 5, was their use of 3D, and the way it was executed. There were minor details that I liked though, like the lookout in B/W/2. The thing that jumps out for me is the battle system. I don't know if any of the fangames now will be able to come even close to competing with them. Not to forget, that the game is 3D, as in on the 3DS. I have a 3DS and having Mario and others jump out of the screen, and playing in real 3D, is one of the best gaming experiences I ever had. This is one of the reasons that I think why the fangames shouldn't try to replicate what Nintendo is doing now, as we can't anymore. I don't think a fangame will ever come out that will replicate the feeling you get when you'd play this Pokemon game on their hand held. I'm not going to be upgrading my game, I'm certain on that. I may or may not add the generation 6 Pokemon either. I just don't see any point in all of us, who made progress, to now try to start again, just for a graphical overhaul. Generation 4 and 5 were already visually appealing as is. There is no real need for the fangame community to go into full 3D now.

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