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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
Sorry, no. I have to hold everyone to the same standard. Everyone else who did mono ghost had to do it too. If you want to use Misdreavus you could always play HeartGold or SoulSilver since those games have Misdreavus on the path to Safari Zone.
damn, fair enough. I'll just go through silver with more haunters then
kanto update #2
>renamed first haunter to Yawntermon
>beat goivanni and got silph scope at team rockets hideout
>caught another gastly at pokemon tower, named it Spectre
>Spectre evolved to haunter
>defeated Erika
>went down cycling road
>defeated Koga
>got HM Fly
>got water to get into saffron city
>defeated giovanni again at silph co
>defeated sabrina
>went to safari zone to get HM Surf
>got key to get into cinnaber gym
>defeated Blaine
>defeated Giovanni at viridian gym
>got through victory road
>defeated elite 4 and the final rival
finished kanto!!! now off to johto with silver :D


Spectre lv.61
Psychic/ confuse ray/ night shade/ thunderbolt

Yawntermon lv.59
Dream Eater/ confuse ray/ night shade/ hypnosis
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