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@ TrainerTori, can't comment much on it being based on the Book of Eri or whatnot due to not having read it. =p Nonetheless:
However, there still are some people who refuse to believe it's over.
What reasons would they have for this? Any attempt to try to set up the League of old, for instance? And who are said people? Any general trends? (e.g. offspring of former gym leaders/etc?)

That's also concern why Tori wants a Pokemon league again as well. The motive is fine, but there needs to be a strong reason/reasons behind it.
In the "new world," pokemon are divided into 3 categories: Inedible Defense, Inedible Worker, and Edible. So, unfortunately, if your pokemon is not rock, ghost, or steel - it's food, and if it's not your food - someone else is going to make it theirs. Fire types may be so to speak self cooking (heh) but I imagine a source of fire would prove very useful.
It seems a touch narrow here; wouldn't it be better to judge a Pokemon species by species in what it can do? Say if there's any chance for electricity to be used, electric types would be great workers if they can figure it out. (And I doubt the like of say Voltorb would be good to eat, haha).

@ MichaelSK16:
An inexplicable accident knocks them out cold and sends them to an undisclosed location.
Would this just seem an accident to them and actually be a reason behind said event, or really just be some incident? If so then be careful it doesn't come off too much as an event for the sake of getting them into the world.

The premise of them being in the Pokemon world but 'not as they know it' is one that holds potential but also one that has been done before. You'd also want to think through how come the league system is running as before when everything else is going so badly, and Pokmon frequently get badly injured/die, etc. I don't think it'd be at all easy to pull that off, so it may require some brainstorming. Just in case I'll say to try not to have it just dark for the sake of it (and same for you debating having that 'romantic twist' or not too).

Also: be sure that if you're having people from the real world teleported to this Pokemon world that this theme is consistent through the story. Otherwise you might as well just be using characters from the world, and it is as said something that has a fair bit of potential in it.
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