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I think the Bird is Y and the stag is X, The birds three wings literally make up a Y, and if you look Past the Stags antlers, it makes a kind of sickle shaped X. But now my opinions, I love them both i will start with Stag, great elegant design, I really like the legs design I think it gives it a somewhat Regal appearance, and the antlers are quite memorizing with the light glow i really like this Pokemon.

Now the Bird I think this Pokemon is fantastic again great design i especially love the dark blood red and contrasting with the black. The two wings and the tail wing also looks quite impressive and i love the hook talons at the end of them, i also really like the design of its face and horns it makes him look quite impressive and intimidating.

The bird in my eyes slightly edges out the stag but i think i would decided which game to buy based on the version exclusives.
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