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A Poem For The Broken Souls

Empathy is the only way to feel what's in a soul,
But you can never empathise until you've been through their winter cold;
But until the winter cold comes, I promise to stretch out my hand
And give whatever I can for you, be you an enemy or a friend

Because the world is already messed up enough, and it shatters hearts
Leaving you with a mess of a million bleeding shards
And it takes a while to piece that puzzle back together
But until then, I'll be there for you; I'll be your shelter

As the winter cold strikes, your burden is mine to bear;
Though I can never fully empathise, I'll still be there
And I hope you'll trade in your pride for another shot at your life
Because life is a delicate flower; with a slash of a knife

It's cut into half and left for dead on the ground.
But even if you're a flower in a meadow, you will be found
And I'll make sure I'll plant you again somewhere far away
Sitting beside you, watching you recover day by day.

So if your heart is in pieces, just take the lift up to my floor
And if your soul is in pain, feel free to knock on my door
And I'll be there to feed you medicine on a silver spoon
Because pain is a sickness; get well soon.

If your heart is sobbing, I'll give it a shoulder to cry on
And if your soul is unstable, I'll give it a pillar to lean on
And through all of this, I hope the repairs are made
Because they can be made. And they will be made.


I initially wrote this in 2008 because I wanted to do a good poem. What you're seeing here is nowhere near the 2008 version, which was full of stupid rhymes and stuff, causing it to be bashed on the forum which I was on at that point in time. I rewrote it in 2011 for a very special person who was in need of help, and I tweaked it a little such that it would flow perfectly in a song. And I got a few friends together to perform it for her, and she eventually chose me. Don't read into that too much.

Anyway, wishing all those broken souls good luck, and may all of you push on and get back up <3.

p.s. literary critique is extreeeemly welcome ! i'll give you a nice griffon kiss if you do~
popping my head back in here for lit/art purposes .
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