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    I got this game a few days ago from ChaosRush's Hack, Pokemon Dark Violet.

    This is the alpha, though it's still worked on, but I want to do this. Note that some of the dialogue is cut off because I didn't want to waste my time doing this.


    Oh, a cool and custom thing that he made. That's impressive. Even the whole thing.

    You see that I am already started right?

    Dang, you scream in front of my face? And yes, I know that. It's like in FR/LG that this happens.

    Yes, you just did. :/

    k bye Mom.

    What a beautiful scene ChaosRush made. :D The tiles and everything blend, but the trees..... I'll ignore them for now.

    Hey the playable female is here! And these must be the tiles from HG/SS when you get to go to Professor Oak. Yes, I am looking for him. Why the heck do you think I am here?

    We waste our time walking away where there's a crap ton of wild Pokemon ready to kill me.

    Wow, then he comes. That's convenient!(sarcasm)

    Yes I know that. Why do you think that I am waiting for you to come as always every time I play these games? Where did you come from?

    Wow. Gary is really a douche. I should have named him this.

    Better late than never.

    Yes, sir!

    See this dialogue carefully and you'll see a little spelling error...... I hope that gets fixed.

    Yes, but where did they come from?

    Ok, as always(toujours in french), I get to be the first.

    Wow, what is wrong with this guy! Keep your hormones under control!

    XD The angry professor!

    *runs and get my first Pokemon I ever gotten in my years of Pokemon gaming since 2004*

    Now we have to retrieve the Poke Balls! That's good!

    To be honest, I'm not that responsible. xD

    Ok, so we have to get them. But I can foreshadow what'll happen, stick tuned for Part 2 in half a day! Wait, what is this fat guy doing here?