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Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
Thanks and both accepted. About the bug one, are you sure? That's pretty much the 2nd badge from Jhoto. It's up to you though. I'll work on the ghost one until I hear back.

Phantom badge complete. I am waiting for a response in regards to a critter badge. I will take one more response until the critter badge is done. No more than two at a time.

You didn't give much to go on so I decided to go for a necromancy like theme. Let me know if you want it changed.
Wow, I love it! And you're right, I forgot about Bugsy. [email protected] you Bugsy! So how about a grasshopper or praying mantis? Maybe even a a beetle flying. Whatever's easier for ya!

Now for that one more request. I can't help myself. These are just too awesome. Imma build a website and give ya' full credit! (:

Username: DahDexy
Badge Size(32x32 or 45x45): 32x32
Description of Request: A dragon head
Gym Type: Dragon
Badge Name(Optional): Drago Badge
Color(s): Dark Blue and red
Outline?: No
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