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Hi all, i'm french, i'm new with essentials, and i have the great wish to create my own pokemon like game :p
I downloaded essentials after many searchs for ressources.

I have some experience with RMXP, here is not the issue, the problem is that i dunno what to do after openning game.rxproj

if i start to map, the first thing coming next is to implement battles.
The fact is and here is my problem : I don't understand why there is nothing in the database ? No pokemon, no groups, no skills, no chars, just tiles.

I just don't understand the way to use Essential.

Does it need to use only scripts ? 'cause i seen so many scripts in the script list.

Please help Me
I just need that help to begin my huge project.

PS : If a french is here, he can PM me in french :p

Sorry for my poor english, i try to do my best.
Hoping to be understandable :p
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