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    Hi there,

    So, by now I've installed XSE on another laptop and there it did have the settings file. The file wasn't complete though, so I found a file in the Toolbox thread, to be used in the XSE settings file, which I did. I copied the file to the right laptop and now I am able to use XSE! Yeah! Happy face.

    I am going to mess around with XSE now, hoping that I will find my way. Just another quick question, can I open a rom in XSE too? So I can compile the script with the rom?

    And for KarateKid in particular, what would you do different with this script when using XSE?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I found out how to open a rom so I can compile the script with the rom in XSE, but now the problem is that my script is wrong. Im waiting patiently for anyone to help me out! =)

    I dont know what I did, but it's working now! Time to look up all the 'yellow' events and try to put them in this FireRed! Happy hacking.