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The reason why I posted this is to ask if you (players & game designers) are ready to put some gen 4 pokémon in the liquid crystal game. I'm not talking about random pokémon, but about the pre and post- evolutions of the pokémon from the 1st, 2nd and third generation.

reason: The game has a kind of "emptyness" without those evolutions... Do you know what I mean with that?

Those are the pokémon I would suggest:

(evolution if pkmn itself is not given)

porygon z
glaceon + leafeon gen I

mammoswine gen II

dusknoir gen III

(pre- volution)
Mr. mime gen I

babymanta gen II

roserade gen III

regigigas gen IV

And others I didn't notice, marked with ??? (I guess you all got the picture/ know what I mean, now).
Thanks for replying!

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