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    Draca was very happy.Fira too.Argo...Just...Maybe.Daniel got up and whistled."Let's go guys,we'll train some more and go for a walk.Tomorrow is Monday,so we gotta get ready for all the work,awrighty fellas?",he asked.His pokemon nodded and followed him.Not very long after,they were at the entrance of the forest.They kept walking and avoiding conflits with wild pokemon,when they got to a clearing.Daniel wrote in chalk"Training Grounds" in a rock.Then he sat on another rock."Very good,who wants to train first?",he asked eating a muffin.Fira jumped forward."Very well!Attack that tree with Scratch!",he said.Fira turned back.Her claws started glowing like the morning sun,or a rainbow.She glared at the tree.She ran forward to the tree,lifting dust behind her.She jumped and charged at the tree.She quickly turned her arm and the claws hit the tree,making a small incision on it."Nice,nice.Can you try to make an ember cloud?",he asked.Fira nodded.She turned her head up,and opened her mouth.Red glowing embers were shot out of her mouth,and began twirling in the air,forming a could."Good,good.Can you try making an ember cloud,then using scratch on it?",he asked.Fira nodded again.She turned back,and opened her mouth.Blazing embers were shot out of it,and curled up in a firy cloud right in front of the Charmander.Fira then charged forward with her glowing claws on position.She scratched the ember claw,making her claws on fire.But she didn't feel pain."Ok,now try using your Fire Scratch on that rock!",he said pointing at a big rock.Fira opened her mouth and twirled around,making embers surround her.She charged forward with her claws,making all her body on fire.Her claws glowed red,with flames.She jumped and charged at the rock,scratching it and leaving a big incision on it.The fire around Fira soon put out.She was very happy.Daniel and Draca clapped."Awesome!",Daniel said."Dra tininini!"(That was legendary pal!).Fira bowed a little."Char char..."(Oh,it was nothing),she said blushing."Rest a bit here",Daniel said to Fira.Draca soon jumped up and down in front of her trainer."Your turn now?Ok!Try using Water Pulse on the tree",he said.Draca nodded happily.She turned to the tree.She focused and a water ball began forming in front of her nose.When it was big enough,she headbutted it,launching it forward at the tree."Mm...Try using Water Pulse and spice it up with Thunder Wave.",Daniel suggested.Draca turned to the tree.Static electricity was surrounding her.A water blob was forming on front of her.The static electricity passed to the water blob,making small shocks.The pulse was sent forward and hit the tree with a small explosion."Very good!Do your Thunder Pulse again,but launch it with Dragon tail.And try to be faster!",Daniel ordered.Draca charged her Thunder wave and Water Pulse at the same time.She charged forward,and when the Pulse was fully charged and with the shocks around her,Draca's tail started to glow blue.She hit the Pulse with her tail,launching with forward.The fully charged water pulse,with electricity around it, and a blue glow that increased its power and gave it forward momentum from Dragon Tail,hit the tree causing a big explosion.Daniel and Fira clapped."Awesome!""Char charmander char!"(Pal,if my hit was legendary,yours was out of this world!),they cheered.Draca blushed."Tiiini..."(Aw,knock it off...),she said looking down.Now it was Argo's turn.Daniel looked at Argo and blinked an eye.Argo nodded.Argo lifted his head.A small green ball formed on top of his head(Solar Beam).When it was big enough,He grabbed the ball and began turning around.He quickly charged forward to the tree that was hit so many times,still twirling.He held the ball right in front of him and pounded it,launching it with his tail.The Energy Pound hit the tree with the explosion.The tree fell right.Argo crossed his arms and looked up,with his overflowing ego.Daniel chuckled at the paralised by amazement Fira and Draca."Friends,I present to you the new and improved combo of Solar Beam+Energy Ball+Pound,Energy Strike!",he said pointing at the cocky Treecko.

    •Draca→Level 22,new combo.
    •Fira→Level 22,new combo.
    •Argo→Level 17,new combo.

    "The world is gigantic, with lots of secrets and mysteries.I understand why you want to explore it. Finding something in the world is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I sweared to protect you until the end of time, so I will always have a way to find you."

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