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Link for the most recently made, unrevised, and fairly popular aspect/title test right here. :3
If you're looking to find out your god tier title, I recommend you take that test! It's fairly accurate and gives you interesting (and sometimes surprising) insights about yourself with the results. :D Still not perfect because it tends to give out the same selection of classes and aspects (probably a fault on the accuracy of the online personality tests involved), but it's gonna be revised soon.

What is your favorite Aspect and Class?
Favorite aspect is an easy one. It would be Time all the way. :D I've always wanted powers related to timey-wimey stuff so to have an aspect like that is awesome. Plus Dave is awesome, so. B) Runner-ups would be Light, Space and Void. B) Because of Rose (plus Vriska and Aranea), Jade (plus Kanaya) and Roxy, respectively.

As for favorite class, I'm not really sure. D: Either Rogue, Page, Knight, Seer or Sylph. I can't pick. But I might as well say why, haha. Rogue is awesome because of Roxy, first and foremost, but I also really like how it steals for the benefit of others because that adds so much interesting shades to the class and its perceived powers. Page I'm also really interested in, because I've always liked the concept of having an inner, untapped potential within a pretty slapstick character that's just waiting to be released, haha. Knights are awesome because of Dave and Karkat, and the fact that they are straightforward and embody how I'd like my aspects to take form usually is just something that's admirable with this specific class. (b'')b As for the Seer, it's something that I've grown to like after observing how kickass the Seer of Light's powers are, and I think that this class just always provides a lot of unique, helpful perks to any session of Sburb, really. Lastly, Sylph I've grown to like more recently because of Aranea. In retrospect, the dancestors fall a bit flat when you compare them to all the other characters, but Aranea has been an exception just for how interesting and useful she's been to the development of other characters, imo. Also Kanaya is a Sylph! Kanaya's the best character ever, so. :D

EDIT: The latest update is just really, really offbeat and bizarre, haha.

re: latest update
I sensed the final Doc Scratch message being referenced, too! That quote was from [S] Cascade, if I'm not mistaken? I really wonder what that means, because it adds a whole new meaning to that statement (and to how far into the future Doc Scratch really knew, I mean these events took place post-scratch! way past his expiration date) and not just slyly demeaning the trolls/kids with his final word. Also I just don't know what to think about Trickster Mode Jane. I've always wanted her to gain awesome powers and really make an impact but.... not like this.

origins of cherubs
That is one freakin' solid theory. I mean I'm actually pretty convinced that the first part of it is actually what Hussie plans to reveal sooner or later. Only qualm is that assuming the members of The Felt are also cherubs, then how did they appear? If the cherub race was just Gamzee's creation all along, how come those billiard-themed baddies exist? I'm confused.
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