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@Batel: You're approved. Congratulations :P

@Drago Dragonite: Hmm—You've read the rules, right? You should be able to handle your levels yourself without my assistance.

@igotpokeballz: ...Nah. Not sure why you'd think that. A single class is assigned at the beginning of each day and a day IC tends to last a month or two (or three) OOC.

@Everyone: Speaking of which, I'm going to go ahead and give an early first warning that the day is drawing to an end. In the near future you can expect the Thanksgiving event to start, after which the IC day will effectively end. My next IC post will include an NPC post that sets the stage for the Thanksgiving event area (It takes place in the cafeteria.)

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~