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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Mountains

    Mana was a little confused when Valorie suddenly started to act weird. Tears were still gently rolling on her cheeks but she was smiling as well. Mana started to thinking and somehow she was afraid she had done "it". Mana took a better view and saw Valorie was indeed victim of Mana's attract and this worried her. Would Kilik and Drake notice what she had done? it couldn't be... They would probably think it's impossible.

    Suddenly a few other students joined them, one of them seemed to be Mark, Valorie's crush. At that point Mana started to feel really bad for him. She shouldn't have done that, but on the other side... Valorie seemed to feel a lot better now, more open and all cheered up. "(Mana! You've used attract on her! how's that possible?!)" Felicity, Mana's Espeon mentioned. Felicity was right, Valorie was a girl, Mana was a girl, so how was this possible? Mana glanced at Felicity and shrugged with a confused expression. Kilik seemed to have found out since he kept looking at either Valorie or Mana, this was horrible.

    Felicity soon understood that Mana couldn't reply her right now, it would be weird if a "human" could understand Pokémon, right? "(This can only mean Valorie is...)" Felicity got cut off by Mana who shaked her head at her. I shouldn't have found out her secret like this... Mana thought.

    Drake wanted to bring Valorie to the hospital, and wanted Mana to come along. She was sure of it... Drake had found out something, there couldn't be another reason that he wanted her to come as well. And it could only become worser when Kilik also wanted to come, but honestly... did she mind this? She wanted to have friends, if she told her secret, would they help her behave more like a human?

    Mark apologized to Valorie, but she seemed to be a bit distant from him and distracted by Mana's attract. Mana started to think about the things that would happen if Valorie returned back to normal, she probably would be really confussed and depressed. Mana looked up at the sky and thought about how she could prevent that, should she explain it to Valorie as well when attract faded away? Three people would know her secret on her first day at the Academy... This didn't seem like the most perfect day, but hey... They're just three people right? So long no one else was going to tag along or find out it would be fine...

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