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    Originally Posted by D. Lawride View Post
    I meant so as to mimic that of the official games. Sure there are a lot of 3D engines out there already, but you'd still have to modify them in order to make them appear similar to the official one, and I'm guessing doing so is no easy task (or maybe it is, I've never worked with 3D so I can't say for sure). The point is that 3D isn't within the reach of expertise of most fan game developers.
    There are 3D engines out there, and 3D is possible to achieve. I don't know about everybody else, but even if I could make a 3D engine that resembles Pokemon's, I would never be bothered to do it. What is the point in taking such drastic measures for a fangame? In the end, GameFreak makes a huge profit out of their hard work, we don't have that. Not to mention that we aren't talking about just normal gaming 3D, we're talking about REAL 3D, as in stuff jumping out of the screen and other crap. Who can emulate that? Not only is that super difficult to code/make, but we don't even have the right hardware available to make it happen. So as you can see, the fanbase will never be able to emulate this gaming experience. And it's not worth the time and effort it will take. We all make these games as a hobby. I spend only a few hours a week working on my game. None of us have the time or patience to take fangames to that "big level".

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