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Jercio Shade (Jason):

Mr. Pokemon's yard

With cherrygrove cleared out Jercio headed back up theroute. He chose to grind some levels for Yohi and Witor as they had the biggestdisadvantage in the next gym. Jercio didn’t want to use them much in the battle,but he wanted to have them ready at least. With any luck he could pick up aghastly in sprout town. It would be immune to Falkner’s normal type birds.Until then Jercio’s current trio was his focus.

He headed to the very edge of the route to train. There hekept Yohi training on the local low level pokemon. Yohi was already in the lowteens, but the battles were becoming less and less worthwhile. Yohi barely got any exp from the random encounters. Jercio knew he couldn’t waste time here. He swapped out to Witor and kept training. All of his pokemon were gaining levels fast, but every now and then Jercio would sprint back into town and get his pokemon healed. In the games this was perfectally acceptable, but here it feltvery wrong. Jercio saw his pokemon actually fighting, growing tired, and being knocked out once or twice (that being some of them not all). After the fourth trip or so Jercio couldn’t stand it anymore. In the games this was both necessaryand the pokemon had no issue with it. Here, though none of them complained,they all seemed to dislike this constant running back and forth fighting until they couldn’t anymore and then having to go back again. Jercio stopped right in the middle of the grass, and sent out all three of his pokemon.

“This is wrong. It’s all wrong. This is the most in depthand downright amazing feat of technology ever. You guys are better than what I’ve treated you as. This is only the start of my journey, and I hope to have you all along with me. From this point forward I’m not playing pokemon. I’m livingit. Yohi, Hurek, Witor, we’re gonna do this and do this like a real trainer.”Jercio preached to his party.

The trio seemed a bit confused by their trainer’s remarks,but they did pick up on his positivity and energy. All three made energetic cries to show their agreement. Jercio brought his pokemon up farther along theroute to Mr. Pokemon’s house where he began to train them in the open area nearby it. He had them practicing drills rather than battling to gain exp. Herethere was a lot more than just turn by turn rock paper scissors. Each pokemon needed to be in top physical condition, prepped for the battles ahead, and beas strong mentally as physically. Jercio had his Tyrogue keeping a steady rythem as it punched away at a tree. Yohi’s determination was plain on his face,and in the grunts he made as he struck the trunk. When Jercio called for him tostop he couldn’t help but smirk. Exactly where Yohi had been striking were obvious depressions from the force of the blows.

“Yohi, remind me to never judge by size.” Jercio chuckled.
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