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I don't think anyone wants to try to emulate the optical illusion that the 3DS does (the so-called "real" 3D Luka was talking about). You could try some variety of 3D glasses if you wanted. It's still beyond pointless, though.

It'd certainly be easier to make a kit, like Essentials, to make 3D fangames with, rather than one person/team trying to make an entire 3D fangame themselves. More help, more input, lower aspirations, etc. I think limiting such an engine to just 3D maps would be best, as Fakemon would still be sprites which are easier to make. This hypothetical engine would definitely not be RMXP, of course. DaSpirit, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with; I know nothing about 3D stuff but it seems interesting.

I am somehow reminded of the Justice Associates and their world-building. I even wonder if a first-person perspective might work.

I think this is off-topic, though.
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