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    An old breeze bustled past Olga's cloak, as she stepped away from the encampment that had served as the host for The Pure Sovereign and her wily ways. She'd told them of all the stories she knew about herself, with the gift of news of movements in the Underground, and was gifted with a fresh set of allies whose names even know tingled at the end of her tongue. There would be more, so many more, but every moment wasted pondering the wind would be a moment lost.

    However, as she dangled a piece of jerky between the tips of her fingers and stepped with soft heels across the ruined ground, the great hat that rested upon her golden head tingled ever so slightly. The amethyst eye opened and that was all there was, for her to know of a title spoken many miles away. It was the face of a young woman, this time, seeking knowledge from the Sage of Unknown Reaches. If one wanted knowledge, she was certainly the one to call.

    Time was needed, but only a dash of it, and Olga skulked into the nearby shadows to make her disappearance; that jerky would probably be scavenged by somebody sooner or later, perhaps hoping it was something other than human flesh. Not that it bothered her; the constant trickle of energy was more than enough sustenance as it embraced her completely. It was more pleasant than the ongoing teleport, at least, as it tugged unpleasantly at her gut and spat the young teen out at the foot of some field. Regardless, she landed hovering slightly in the air; her cape a shroud that hid the prettier aspects of her attire and her hood casting shadows from which only a pair of lilac eyes peeked.

    Regardless, this area would be her theater. Olga raised her hands to her sides and intoned words whispered in her ear by Ambrosia; flicking her wrist slightly here and twisting her fingers slightly there, until she'd weaved a simple tent made from twilight and took herself a seat on one of the conjured stools; the other one sitting opposite her, as she stared at the door in wait of her visitor.[/spoiler]
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