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Hopefully they get creative with the abilities if new ones are to be introduced. I made up a couple of my own that I think sounded kinda cool:

Priority Check - speed cannot be lowered, this pokemon takes half the damage from all priority attacks used against it.

Lockjaw - all biting attacks (Bite, Crunch, Poison Fang, the Elemental Fangs) have an increased critical hit ratio.

Dreamchaser - the user receives half damage from physical attacks while asleep. User's attacks do double damage on a sleeping pokemon.

Free Runner - speed is doubled when HP falls below half.

Cautious - user receives half damage from entry hazards when entering a battle. Hazards cannot be set while this pokemon is in battle.

Those are pretty simple enough I guess. I'd like to see more abilities that focus on damage resistance, or maybe some that are type specific.


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