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    @ TrainerTori, can't comment much on it being based on the Book of Eri or whatnot due to not having read it. =p Nonetheless:
    8D it's a movie. A really good movie!

    What reasons would they have for this? Any attempt to try to set up the League of old, for instance? And who are said people? Any general trends? (e.g. offspring of former gym leaders/etc?)
    Well, I'm thinking like in the games - you can't get certain things until you have gym badges. I'm sure there is some old hag somewhere holding on to the ever essential Surf HM, and refuses to give it to you till you can show you have whatever badge.

    The specific scenario I had in mind is where Tori needs Fly, but the person who has it refuses to hand it over without a whatever badge (previous generation badge).
    So, being naive, she stomps on over to the pokemon gym and is greeted by squatters rather than the gym leader she's looking for.
    Well it turns out that the "current gym leader" (or who should have been) has basically given in to these squatters, allowing them to abuse the gym as long as they basically offer them protection from others. (Gym leader could defeat these squatters, but would rather not spend the rest of his life just defeating people to keep out of his gym, so he'd rather make a deal with one group, and let them fight his battles)
    I imagine it's something like a grass gym, but it's been so destroyed that Tori walks in thinking it's ground/rock.
    Anywho, she gets attacked and basically captured by the squatters and is kicking, screaming, and flailing like mad. Mr. pathetic "current gym leader" is all "let her go, she's here to talk to me"
    viola, quick battle, she gets whatever "badge" which actually doesn't even physically exists anymore, so she grabs his jacket in an attempt to drag him out to the person with the HM. He slips out of it but she figures his jacket is better proof of a defeat than nothing, so she takes that as proof and he chases her, so when she gets back to the person with the HM, they're all like "you have no gym badge" tori is all glare-face at "current gym leader" and he makes the person hand over the hm.

    *hufhufhuf* sorry if that was really wordy.
    Everything is still up in the air, so that may be kinda confusing as you read it, but hopefully it makes a little sense at to why that clause was there?

    That's also concern why Tori wants a Pokemon league again as well. The motive is fine, but there needs to be a strong reason/reasons behind it.
    Yeah, This is one thing I'm toying with. I kinda developed bits and pieces of the plot without having a goal in mind :X
    So if you've got any suggestions, shoot them my way!

    The only thing I can think of is just horridly cliche and I hate it. Basically, unlike the games, I imagine that the "elite 4" have all of the powerful legendary pokemon. Not some random kid who just happened to catch it :B
    With the fights for resources, people are turning on each other and destroying what is left.

    Tori, being raised a vegetarian and "farmer/gardener/whatever" is wanting the world back with farms, reserves, etc.

    And she's always wanted to be a pokemon trainer, and she's just pissed that the world has come to a place where that's not an option anymore XD so she's just like FINE THEN, ILL JUST MAKE YOU MAKE THE POKEMON LEAGUE.

    In her "life" right now, she can't do anything. She can't be a pokemon trainer like her dad, she can only farm these teeny little space on the back of a torterra with her mom, so she's just had enough.

    So she's thinking she can convince the elite 4 and their super magical pokemon to basically "settle" petty disputes between cities, destroy dilapidated areas and rebuild them with renewable resources. (ie: put in "pokemon-made" lakes, feilds, etc)

    Because currently, Elite 4 and a small town of people are just cooped up in their little happy city with their teenie gardens, sustaining their tiny sanctuary, and just ignoring the current state of affairs outside.

    so, in short, she's doing this because she has nothing better to do...
    Which is REALLY weak :/ so I really need help here, and if that involves changing a bit of Tori's back story - then I'm completely open to it.

    I'd also considered, on a fleeting whim - though I don't want to include any deep relationships in my story line - I had considered her having had a relationship with one of the elite 4 at some point. (Before they were elite 4, then they became part of it and vanished) And thinks she's going to go convince them.
    Though I would rather not shed light on that in the story and rather leave that till she gets face to face with him.

    It seems a touch narrow here; wouldn't it be better to judge a Pokemon species by species in what it can do? Say if there's any chance for electricity to be used, electric types would be great workers if they can figure it out. (And I doubt the like of say Voltorb would be good to eat, haha).
    That's just a general breakdown ^__^, there's exceptions to everything.
    So no, like voltorb and such wouldn't be eaten and would be used for electricity - worker, but at the same time, they could be used as defense.

    However, like you were saying, in the case of a fire pokemon. It isn't completely white/black. A growlithe would be edible, yes, but it's also a worker. It would be a worker until food was needed.

    but for pokemon like onyx, voltorb, etc - you can't eat them so they're always going to be defense/worker.

    So a less than honest pokemon center is going to be more willing to heal your onyx than they are your bidoof, they'd more likely tell you that your bidoof is now of "food quality" and that their resources are going to cost more than his worth in "food"

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