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    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    That is exactly what I'm talking about. There will be people de-vamping the tiles, which is also pointless though, as it takes away from the 6th gen experience. I'm saying that people who want to overhaul their games now that the new gen has been showcased, would just be wasting their time. GameFreak passed the point where we try to emulate the experience of playing the official games. I honestly don't think that going for the "gen 6 look" would be a good idea. Why not just enjoy the game when it comes out, and do one's own thing in the meanwhile?
    You underestimate the desire for "new for the sake of new" that many fangame makers have. How many times do people change tilesets to the latest style just because it exists? That's why the tiles will be de-vamped in the first place. It doesn't matter to them that said tiles will look too flat or bland in a 2D game (and I for one don't like the lack of outlines around objects and forced top-heaviness of structures in some existing tilesets - that's why Essentials uses FRLG tilesets, because they were made for a 2D game).

    Certainly it's not worth trying to replicate Gen 6 and its models, but people are definitely going to have a go with sprites. They'll fail and give up, but it'll happen.

    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    I can easily change the map scene in a matter of an hour. Besides, as soon as rips start flying across the internet, it would be very easy to change stuff (perhaps even easier than spriting). Changing the way the character looks would be as easy as changing a single 64x64 texture and then you're done. Seems easier to modify to me.
    This is a very appealing approach. I like the idea of having premade objects you can just put down (like a whole tree or building), rather than painting bits of them over tiles with the possibility of making mistakes. Mapping would certainly be easier even than in RMXP this way. The ground itself is like an RMXP map, except with many more available autotiles and some tile randomisers (for random grass tiles), and a terrain raiser-lowerer like in The Sims. Passability is a separate thing like in the GBA games, rather than a property of tiles. I can imagine it now...
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