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Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
At least they haven't lost the good old grid map system, it'll make ripping of 3d models easier than if they had just scrapped the whole grid system. If I may also say that in terms of tilesets, essentials is way behind. Graphics/PBS Folder wise, Gen V has only just been slightly incorporated into essentials. I think it'll be sometime before someone rips all the 3d models and sprites from Gen VI because no-one as of late has even come close to cracking the 3ds so it may take longer to get hold of anything (graphics-wise) to do with Gen VI. My advice: Sprite your own stuff, we all knew this day was coming, just not so soon.
Actually I was seeing something like this coming very very soon.
Only, I was seeing a console based game, and more of a new Shadow Pokémon Based game.

Looking on dA, lots of people are spriting Pokémon from XY.
Mostly the starters though.
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