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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Some nifty CSS work here. ;D

Anyway, I'll start with the icons. A major problem, according to me, that has been much more prevalent in your works as of late is the over-sharpening of stock. It doesn't look good because your stuff tends to appear pixelated. Take this, for instance. I like the placement to a degree and I think you could've done a better job with the colors - fiddling around with a few selective color layers would've done it good, yes. But what kills the icon for me is the oversharpened girl. Parts around her head and her legs look really pixelated - when sharpening, take care not to go overboard. Too much of anything is disadvantageous. On another note, this looks good but I wish you had gone for different placement. I'd have preferred the espeon to a little right of its current position. But yeah, as much as I like the greens and blues, I wish you had lit up the icon a bit. The contrast between the dark blue and florescent green is a little too much, imo. The dark blues could've been changed a bit is what I'm sayin'. 'Curves' would've helped you here, imo.

Your new banners are a victim of your over-sharpening habit as well. ;; I'm liking the effects that you use but the text and the over-sharpening of your stock/render really takes away a lot of yummy goodness from your works. :c Take this, for instance - The stock has been sharpened a lot. Now, it would've been fine to a degree if you had sharpened only parts of it and not the whole thing. But you went ahead with sharpening everything and the result is a little messy. The part near her breasts is just..chaotic, to say it in simple terms. I don't think it would look as chaotic if it weren't sharpened as much as it has been done right now. But yeah, talking about positives - I like the colors you've used in here to a certain degree. Liking the fact that you're trying to improve your lighting too - it shows in here. :D I'd advise you to use more c4ds and less brushes, though. If those are what you're using right now, that is. And yes, text. I'd advise you to make versions with and without text everytime. The positioning of text in most of your works is just not doing it for me. They're a little too far away from the focal and serve as a distraction. Text should never distract from focal. A good placement in this tag would be around her left hand (right side). For this, I'd say that you should try to be a little more wary of the light sources you create. Lighting is a little messed up in here. :c Remember, proper lighting can go a long way in improving a tag! ;]

But yes, some really good stuff from you. You've improved so much from the previous time you opened a gallery in here. Heck, your works now differ a lot from the works you initially posted in this very thread. I think you know the basics - all you need is a little more practice to refine all that stuff. :]
lol i agree about the sharpening. i have to practice sharpening some stuff and not the whole thing; i'll practice some more tonight.
i need to learn to perfect my texts just like you (=
thank you so much

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