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So I started my Platinum portion of the Mono-Electric challenge and so far it's pretty awesome.
Here's my first update:

Mono-Electric Challenge: Platinum

- Started game, named myself "Lucas" and my Rival "Barry"
- Chose Piplup so Barry would have Turtwig for an extra Challenge
- Talked to Rowan, then listened to Dawn blab about catching Pokemon
- Caught a Male "Shinx" and named him "Simba"
- Did the Jubilife City crap then beat Barry just outside the city
- Made it to Oreburgh and entered the Gym with a Luxio...
- Somehow managed to Leer Roark to death and obtained my well deserved
Coal Badge
- Traveled all the way to Floaroma and headed to the Valley Windworks
- Kicked Mars and the rest of Team Galactic out of the Windworks
- Traveled through Eterna Forest and arrived in Eterna City
- Had the hardest fight with Gardenia that I've ever had and obtained the
Forest Badge
- Entered the Old Chateau and caught my Rotom named "Geist"
- Made the long trek to Hearthome City and grabbed an Eevee named "Minato"
- Bit my way through Hearthome Gym and defeated Fantina for the
Relic Badge
- Skipped over to Solaceon Town and entered Solaceon Ruins for a Thunderstone to evolve Eevee
- Skipped all the way to Backlot's Mansion and caught a Male Pikachu named "Raikov"
- Grabbed another Thunderstone from the Underground and evolved Pikachu
- Went back to Veilstone and beat Maylene for the
Cobble badge

Alright, that's it so far, I'm looking forward to the rest of this challenge.
Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: