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Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post




Chapter Zero:

Part Zero

Name: "Solo" (He has long since abandoned his name)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Lycan

Solo is just your average goth kid who lurks in dark shadowy corners and-- Okay, I know you're not buying that. His appearance, however, is often in garbed in dark clothing, with black-ish hair swepts across his face. His clothes (almost always black) are generally loose and baggy, or larger than the proper size that'd fit him best. His expression is usually one of solemn lamentation, and he is very rarely seen smiling. He wears a blood-dried tooth as a necklace and snaps at those who dare to touch it. However, he refuses to tell anyone what it is or why he's so protective of it. His skin is pale, which is often overlooked because he spends his time in shady places. Despite his ability to retain a perfect human form, he keeps his ears and tail for... Personal reasons. Something else he won't tell anyone about. His figure is very, very lean, but is packed with unseen muscle. His eyes are the iciest blue you might ever see. His natural form is a Gray Wolf, which he often stays in whenever he's alone or sleeping.

Solo is, at the very most, quiet. His past is shrouded in mystery and he refuses to tell anyone a single detail. He is often seen as grumpy or isolated, but generally shows kindness... If you're not human or Werewolf, that is. His voice is a deep and subtle one, unless angered, in which case he can shout loud enough to be heard from miles away. He isn't quick to start a fight unless people try to ask him personal questions or get to know him. He neglects most conversation unless it's important and/or irrelevant to himself.


While Solo is fast and strong, his distrust with others prevents any form of teamwork; he only does what is necessary to survive, and will often care less if anyone else dies. He can sometimes react too quickly, without much thought on his actions beforehand. His agility and power are hard to overcome, but his anger often clouds his judgement and dulls his strategic thoughts.

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hmmm... i hadn't thought about a lycan youkai... that probably would've been a good idea.

i'm pretty sure all the spots were taken, but... i find your youkai very original so i MIGHT allow it, just this time. uhmm... i'm gonna send you a PM though since i want you to explain a few things to me and i think your character is a bit overpowered. i'll talk to you on FB.

EDIT: I guess i'll add two more spots then and both are reserved by WolfOfEve and Genevieve :p

WolfOfEve is reserved
Genevieve is reserved

WolfOfEve - lycan
Genevieve - Lamia

Okay, and now the spots are officially closed. i was already thinking about adding two extra spots anyway c:

Thank you everyone for having interest in this RP it makes me really happy!
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