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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
I think it's cool, blah blah blah. I listen to it all the time, most of them are fine :) I hate the people who talk though. Unless asked, shut up. It's his performance.
You mean when the audience speak? I find it pretty funny 'cos the comedian usually comes up with hilarious replies and strikes them down haha. Plus it really helps showcase just how clever these people really are when they can come up with such great stuff on the spot like that, it's nice knowing the they're not just reading from a script the whole time. :3

Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Joan Rivers
Oh lord I love her. Her voice is pretty grating not gonna lie but she's such a funny woman, I absolutely love watching her live shows. It's a shame they're hardly shown any more in the UK for some reason since I'd love to watch her perform more often. D:

Personally my favourite stand-up comic is Sean Lock. He's really sarcastic with his comedy and tells a lot of jokes which other comedians could never get away with and this suits by humour perfectly. At first I didn't really like him much since it took a while to get used to his style of telling jokes, but after hearing him tell one about beating up an imaginary budgie I started to give him more of a chance and now I absolutely love his work. I'm dying to see him live in person but having to make do with TV recordings at the moment!

And no I'd never try performing myself, I'd be way too nervous for that haha.
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