Thread: Development: Creating New Battle Animations
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    [/QUOTE]This really isn't specific enough for me to help you. The 00 command loads palette and image data. basially, if you change an effect's image or palette data to XX YY, then you'll need to have an 00 XX YY command before the effect gets called, otherwise you'll have either borked image data, a borked palette (solid black), or both. If you've ever broken an animation such that it has solid black rectangles floating around, this is what I'm talking about- avoiding this is why you need the 00 command.[/QUOTE]

    I'm sorry. Yes I know that if you change those bytes you get the black boxes, that's why I am confused. Originally I thotght you were talking about those bytes. If you could tell me the bytes to change for the green shadow ball that would help because I could figure it out from there because I have not a clue as too which bytes you are referring to. Sorry
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