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Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Lycan: Strong and fast, with a kind of personality it can't quite control.
Vampire: Strong and fast, with a kind of personality it can't quite control.

Lycan: Canine traits.
Youko: Canine traits.

Lycan: The ability to shapeshift into a canine form and fast.
Werewolf: The ability to shapeshift into an canine form and fast.

Clearly, this Lycan is an original concept and is well worth bending the rules for.
WolfOfEve just told me a Lycans power isn't strength or speed, this is just because of Solo's muscles and his weight. I decided together with him that i would make a discribtion for Lycan's to make sure it would have useful powers too. The discribtion might be up in a few hours.

Please don't be insulted by my decisions ; i just try to make it fair for everyone.

Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
But I thought lycan were werewolves. I mean they are just different names for the same thing... As a matter of fact, I'm 100% sure they are werewolves which does exist.

Additionally people with sign ups really should take a bit more priority over reservations (or at least but a time limit on the reservation) especially when there are limited spots.
Lycans are literal wolves that can transform into a human easely, you could see it as a werewolf, but this one walks on 4 legs and is made of blood and sugar.

I already reminded the people who haven't posted their SU's yet that they have a reservation here. I think i might decide everyone has the time to post the SU till Saturday, after that i'll just gonna post the IC thread.
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