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    I don't think that many fangames will make dramatic changes with these titles. There are several advancements, starting with the obivous 3D, which is near impossible to render (at least to compare to the power of the 3ds) in RPG Maker branded engines. Any new mechanics that come with this generation, however, will be more commonly seen. As for the integration of Pokemon, you might not see as many as you think, mainly because there aren't any sprites for these Pokemon right off the get-go since the game is rendered in 3d. All sprites might have to be custom sprited, at least until Nintendo releases official ones. I am excited about X and Y, and I am equally excited to see how people, and myself, tackle this in our fangames.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    You say "way behind", I say "uses tilesets created specifically to be used in the way they are, which are proven to contain all the tiles needed to make an entire game (plus some), and which don't need credits other than me (because I ripped/made them)".
    I'm pretty sure he is just referring to the current graphic integration in default essentials being behind by three generations, which is ok, since the default version should just be used to show what essentials can do, and leave the rest of the work to the developer.

    I don't expect to see many tiles from any future games, now that they are in 3d.
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