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    Okay, I don't quite know all the differences between PKSVUI and XSE, but I know that in XSE, a message box looks like this:

    textcolor 0xY (not needed, but if you want)
    msgbox @msg
    callstd 0xZ

    #org @msg
    = hey, it's a message!

    The command "boxset" is interchangeable with callstd here. For a list of strands to call, consult diego's mega awesome scripting tutorial.

    The problem with your script it that it doesn't callstd. I don't know why all the scripts are like this. Did XSE used to support calling the strand in the msgbox line? Anyways, that doesn't work in XSE. So, whenever you see:

    msgbox @msg 0xZ

    Change it to:

    msgbox @msg
    callstd 0xZ

    Edit: I am adding this all of my old posts dealing with callstd instead of an inline command. Jambo51 enlightened me to the fact that I was using an old XSE (v. 1.0.0) in which inline msgbox commands are not supported and you must callstd. In v. 1.1.1, the inline commands such as MSG_NORMAL are supported. Sorry for any confusion I might have caused. The above methood does workfor both versions, but you can do it the other way on XSE v. 1.1.1.

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