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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    Yo, I heard my fix was fixed wrong so I put a fix in your fix so it can be fixed.

    Lycan: "His agility and power are hard to overcome, but his anger often clouds his judgement and dulls his strategic thoughts."
    Vampire: Strong and fast, with a kind of personality it can't quite control.

    Lycan: Pure-blooded Wolf (AKA The embodiment of canine traits)
    Youko: Canine traits.

    Lycan: The ability to shift between a human and wolf form.
    Werewolf: The ability to shift between a human and wolf-like form.

    Kinda feels like favoritism (*cough*TeamEccentricity*cough*).
    Actually, we've been talking it over quite a bit off-site. Also, your fixing hte fixes was wrong. It was fixed earlier. And some of that is just Solo's personality, not racial traits.

    Oh, so you think all Lycans are like that? MAN, YOU BE RACIST.
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