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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    The Commander of Swords knew how to make a swift and silent entry, approaching the skittish girl from behind and making his intimidating presence known, both to her and the man's younger brothers.

    "I assure you, Miss Illiphia, that my brother does nothing of the sort. He is an upstanding and moral citizen who always behaves appropriately and dutifully. He is intelligent, ethical, and honorable. The only thing he is not..." the man declares proudly, before his tone alters to reflect his sudden irritation, " on time. Like usual. Which actually makes two of you. You are aware that you were summoned for security purposes to arrive before the celebrations began? I assume you have a legitimate excuse, and if so I would love to hear it. In fact... I assume you both do. Do tell."

    Xoxaa jumps in reaction, hearing and recognizing the voice behind her, clenching her body tighter by hugging her elbows, knees, and arms, with her hands clasped together, trembling ever so slightly as they hover just below her lip. Her eyes dip downward just slightly but refrains from addressing him head on, terrified by the mere contemplation of gazing into his militant glare that's sure to be there. Instead, all the girl can do is chirp whatever intelligible sounds she can produce under a circumstance of extreme anxiety.

    "I- uh... I-I-uhm..." utters the young woman, trying with all of her might to blurt out more discernible verbal content knowing that the scenario would only exacerbate itself if she allows it to linger without any sort of response. "S-S... S-Sorry..."

    Giving in under the social pressure, Xoxaa's knees collapse, drawing her body onto the hard floor, landing on her legs with her dress cloaking most of them, but still too short to entirely cover up her lower body feminine frame. While her knees still remain clenched, she catches her fall with her left hand before bringing both arms to her lap, clenching hands together and keeping her head low, her trembling becoming worse with each passing second. Nearly paralyzed by the man's confrontation, it's a miracle that she manages to utter a single word more, but nonetheless, she does, hoping against all odds that her response might be deemed acceptable.

    "I-I... was t-t-rying t-to... uh... stop t-the... th-th... ief... C-could... couldn't make it... b-back... in... t-time... S-so sorry!" stutters the visibly terrified girl, speaking in a soft but choked up tone, her face sweating profusely and her eyes wide but locked on to her thighs in sheer terror to the two younger men who stand in front of her.
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