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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    "Not all Lycans are like that" is irrelevant, given Solo is the only one that would be in the game. If a...Fruitman Youkai appeared in the game and could shoot rainbows out of his eyes, it wouldn't matter if none of the others could.

    The Lycan is a redundant addition, and one you've only been allowed because you're PinkSapphire's friend. Choosing to play as a Werewolf or Youko would be a very minor change to the character, and an easy compromise to make.

    @PinkSapphire: I'd believe that, were I given the chance to explain my proposition for a new Youkai, which was immediately denied. I don't expect you to change your answer to my previous request, but I do want to be held to the same standards as everyone else; something which clearly didn't happen.

    To be honest, I did have considered to add a fairy to the youkai list, and because of this:

    Fairies have a mirror, when they show it to youkai they immediately go to their Youkai forms and can't go back to human form for awhile. Also, fairies consume human souls.

    I wanted to ask you if this was okay, but then you submitted you vampire SU and didnt bother to mention it anymore because I didnt want you to trow away your effort ;;; … ofcourse if you still want to be fairy, I guess it's okay, since im gonna kick out the youkai's in the list that haven't been used.

    I prefer have people to enjoy their character than dislike them.
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