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    I'm planning on writing a story where this main character is talking in first person, but he's writing this to a friend in their experience. The friend is "you" instead of the name, and the main character is "I", since he's storytelling his experience of him to his friend of their experience.

    But is it confusing in some way, even if I write it in Present Tense in this? I mean, present tense isn't used that much.

    Also, when introducing those characters right out of the blue, do I have to explain a backstory on where they started so the reader can know? Or is it unnecessary to put a past image of the flashback?

    They start in Olivine City since they heard of this Battle Competition. They meet up with their 2 other friends and they compete against many other trainers so they can fight the Champion of Johto(not Lance). But I may write on how they might like take this competition pretty seriously when one is sucked in the passion of winning.

    Sorry if this is worded quite oddly, since I writing all my questions. So, what do you think is important to include, and yes those 2 main characters are the playable ones in HG/SS while the other two are original trainers.

    In this, I may make it about when Ethan and Lyra are tied neck and neck and see how they may go. Before they joined, they agreed to do a friendly competition.

    So..... if I write a prologue to sum up what they have gone through before I introduce the chapters, is that fine instead of infodumping them as flashbacks? I tried it in one story during too many flashbacks and it's too distracting when it comes to this.

    The reason why I wanted to do that is to test on how it goes since my concept is going to be different in terms of relationship. I won't exactly focus on her in terms of what's happening. I mean, he's writing it to her, but he's restating the events. Maybe only first person if it's going to be like this.......

    And I am planning on how their promise to battle friendly instead of like very seriously to backstab one another is going to ruin them. I may have a 90% chance of them battling each other in the semi finals, but Lyra is somewhat soft in battling but she wins that round before the semi finals because of Ethan's chanting that makes her do so, especially her Pokemon.

    The chapters may be 10 or 15 varying on each individual battle centering Ethan and Lyra.

    That's how I may plan it. Prologues are Ok to introduce them right? And like only the part that focus on the hardships or how Ethan thinks of Lyra?
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