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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    Mightyena is a wolf, Arcanine could be as well.

    I kind of want another Crocodile/Aligator Pokemon, and maybe a Flying/Bug Hummingbird. Something along the lines of Vespiquen would be welcome too, as its my favorite Bug-type. Perhaps a worker bee evolution to Combee so the male ones aren't worthless?
    Actually, Mightyena is a hyena. Arcanine is a bit lion'ish mixed with big dog, I don't think of it as a wolf.
    If they made a wolf pokémon they could make it evolve at night to a werewolf.

    I agree with you on the combee thing. The males really are worthless, and every pokémon should have their value and potential!
    A humming bird pokémon would be new. Want.
    How about a a Stork or an Ostrich? We don't have those yet.

    As for another crocodile/aligator? Which typing? We already have Sandile line and Totodile line. Not sure if I'm forgetting something.
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