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    In my fangame plans (before BW) I think in several possibilities, Gen V or VI be 3D or not. If Game Freak uses 3D sprites, soon or later we will have an entire set of 2D sprites. This may make the fangames even more unique.

    When 3DS is announced, being the 3D the main feature that is followed almost religiously by the companies (I mean that almost every game need to use 3D in some way) I predicted that Game Freak has 98% of chance of making the Gen VI base game with 3D cell-shaded battles, since, in interviews, the producers are searching for a way to made the official games with 3D content using anime-style graphics. When 3D pokédex came, the probably even rise, So Pokémon XY (this name sound soo internal...) announcement came (more earlier that I expected), again with three elemental starters and two legendary pokémon (probably chased by the enemy team again).

    For my game (Pokémon Island), I thought before on several cool features for a version 2.0 and wish to put in the game. The new pokémon (with 2D sprites), like I planned before, will be one of these features, although I expected only in 2014 the japanese release, so I planned on release some weeks after the american release (in late 2014 or 2015), but this isn't be possible now.

    A 3D fangame? With the ridiculous amount of completed 2D games here? Give 20 years or more and someone in this forum will finishes a fully Pokémon 3D Game.

    I can't believe how people follow Game Freak. Of corse, advantage exists, but you don't need to wait the official games come to 3D to come too. I like this change because this may help the fangames to follow less Game Freak, and, maybe, talking about gameplay, go beyond!

    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    I just don't see any point in all of us, who made progress, to now try to start again, just for a graphical overhaul.
    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I don't think anyone wants to try to emulate the optical illusion that the 3DS does (the so-called "real" 3D Luka was talking about). You could try some variety of 3D glasses if you wanted. It's still beyond pointless, though.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    You say "way behind", I say "uses tilesets created specifically to be used in the way they are, which are proven to contain all the tiles needed to make an entire game (plus some), and which don't need credits other than me (because I ripped/made them)".
    I agree with Rayquaza. If more that 80% prefer Gen IV/V/VI tilesets and will use them and if aren't bad, official or unofficial, made by several people or not, I believe that the best for this community project will be to use theses tiles, but this is subject to another thread.
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