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    Here is my alpha SU

    Name: Alexander Baldwin, though he is known throughout the land as the "Knight of the Greenlands" due to his preference of green and his love of the forest/
    Gender: Male
    Age (at least 16, but no older than 35): 28

    Appearance (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description as well): Alexander could be considered a handsome man. His long, chocolate colored, curly hair ends right at his ears all the way around his skull, and hangs in shocks above his piercing blue eyes. His face is fair, much like the elves in the stories he heard as a child. His smile is warm and charming, and his nose is thin and angular He has milky white skin that is impossible to mark upon. He has never had a single blemish in his life. He stands at 6'5, the average size for a knight. His muscles, in his arms, legs, and abdomen are large and powerful from training long and hard in the knight's academy. He has the description of every little girl's fairy-tale knight. He wears heavy plate armor from the knight's academy, and a chainmail suit under it. He wears all-plate helmet that extends from his head to the base of his neck, that he always removes dramatically so he can have an excuse to shake his hair back and forth. He always has his broadsword strapped around his waist in its ornate, green leather sheath. He calls it "Weapon of the Wilderlands." He had master blacksmiths transform his actual armor and sword green, which he wears with pride. His buckler shield is usually slung around his back with the image of a forest emblazoned on the front. He calls it "Warden of the Woods."

    Personality: Alexander is a man of action. He almost always charges into a battle without considering it much. Strangely, he's almost never lost with this tactic. He is extremely brave, but he isn't very wise. He believes that things could always be solved with a good sword stroke or a down-right bashing. When in battle he goes into an insatiable blood lust that cannot be quenched until every enemy is dead. He uses his sword-and-shield combination to defeat enemies right and left. This leaves him with no hold of the reigns, but he grips with his knees and trusts Brenton entirely. He loves the dragon with all of his heart, and the dragon loves him back. The pair will almost never seen without the other. He even took up the Kirin way and became a vegetarian for Brenton. He is rather flirtatious with a women that he falls for, and he almost always wins her over with his charm and good looks. He is curious like Brenton, but he will never go investigate something without him.

    History (At least two full paragraphs. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied. If you've already met your dragon, include how you met it):

    Occupation (how do you make a living? This could range from being a thief to being a rich nobleman.): He's a discharged knight that took up the life of a Dragon-Rider mercenary.

    Spells known (include a description of how the spells work and what they do. Remember, nothing too powerful. If your character doesn't know any spells, leave this blank):
    Unlocking doors: His fingers release small tendrils of magic that drift into a lock mechanism and tease the bolt until it unlocks
    Simple wound healing: He places his hand on a wound and magic flows into his palm. It than heals no more than a bruise.
    Some-what powerful night vision: He channels magic to his eyes and he gains a bit of night-vision.
    Restores a little bit of energy: He can use his magic to replenish energy

    Dragon Species: Forest Kirin

    Name: Brenton

    Gender: Male

    Age (adolescent, adult, or ancient): Ancient

    Description (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description): Brenton is a large dragon. He is roughly 12 feet long and 6 feet high. His scales are the exact same color as a tree's bark, and his eyes are the exact same color as Alexander's: A piercing blue color. His horn is long, but his "branches" add a good three or four feet to his height, since he is roughly 100 years old, and he is undefeated in stamping competitions. His tail makes up for about 1 foot of his original length. His back is burdened with a saddle that was custom made for him when Alexander became his rider. He bears it with pride, for it shows that he has a rider. He belongs to someone. He lacks wings, but what he lacks in flight, he makes up for in speed. His legs are powerful from a decade of being Alexander's battle steed.

    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied): Brenton is a calm creature outside of battle, but when he enters it, no one save for Alexander is safe. He kicks out with his feet, gores with his horns, and destroys with his earthquakes. When his fighting is combined with his rider's they are practically invincible. He is very curious at times, which has led to many an incident, but when Alexander is at the reigns he is rearing to go. He gets along well with other dragons, but he prefers to be alone, or with Alexander. The two are nearly inseparable.

    RP Sample (I don't care if it's a post from another RP, or a one you've just written up. Just as long as it's good):
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