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    Come on, people... Have you never even seen 3DS games before? They look far better than this, most of the time.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D, for example, has much more beautiful and natural-looking environments. Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, etc... All games that are, like Pokemon, not designed to be realistic, but they still have smooth and attractive models and textures.

    The game literally looks like they took BW and just tilted the camera and changed the 2D sprites to 3D models that look like sprites. It's pretty disappointing to anyone who has played a fair amount of high-budget 3DS games.

    The thing is, I really don't care. I'm going to buy the games anyway, and they're going to be fantastic games, despite their crappy and outdated graphics.

    EDIT: And yes I agree that the graphics could be updated before the release, but I don't think they will be. Remember the 3DS? It's not the final version, it won't be that ugly, but it really was.
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