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    Everyday the gaming industry is loosing money due to people who enjoy sharing games (either letting people borrow copies or buying used) and through file sharing (torrenting).
    I personally do both and I don't expect anybody to pay full price £35-40 (in the United Kingdom) for the poor quality of most console releases.

    The PC now seems to me as the most reliable platform to play games on and the only way they will get people to buy the consoles is to tie with them "exclusive games".

    When I was younger I was such a hardcore console gamer, playing on the PlayStation, Xbox, PS2 and then finally the Xbox 360.

    Playing on the PS2 was pretty much the golden days of my teenage years. The quality of games were great and console exclusives delivered what they were meant to do. Not build a half ass game and then expect people to be milked of a DLC.
    I mean Metal gear solid 1 and 2 were one of my favourite games ever played, along with of course the Pokemon Titles through the various consoles.
    They finished games and once you bought the game, you knew it was complete and now it just seems the developers are just getting lazy and not adding in features on purpose then milking the sequel with features lacked or DLC updates.

    Now that we have the internet, more and more people are learning to build computers and just torrent games/crack them and play. The argument of whether torrenting is stealing or sharing is a different matter.

    Once the 360 came out and the build quality on consoles went down, I knew I was not going to be a console gamer anymore. My Xbox 360 died after 14-16 months of heavy use with the red ring of death, luckily I had an extended warranty and got a new one free of charge. I rarely play my 360 on fear of it just dying on me and all the titles are just the same on PS3 and I'll just go game on my PC.

    Steam is also a big influence with discounted games allowing people to just download from their home and not needing to buy and wait for the game to arrive to them. They have crazy deals on games sometimes which makes it even easier for people to get titles at low prices.

    Not to mention the YouTube channel "MinnesotaBurns" has pretty much shown how useless the Xbox Live enforcement team are. The person showing videos of someone hacking/modding in game, share the hackers gamer tag and HE gets banned for sharing information which is against terms and conditions. The hacker in question gets let off scott free. No surprise since they want that money coming in from hackers,modders, boosters for each month of their subscription to Xbox Live.

    Xbox Live isn't free and in terms of gaming experience, I've encountered more modders, hackers throughout my time then playing online on the PC (which ?)

    I just played Halo 4 recently (blew the dust and cobwebs off my Xbox since it had been collecting dust) and even that was a let down. If game developers can't deliver their exclusive titles to their console, then why bother buying the console in the first place.

    This new feature on the consoles will just be shooting themselves in the foot. Forcing people to pay full price for games will only deter consumers and hurt the market of used games. Eventually they will have to sell "new titles" cheaper and the games industry will be loosing just as much, if not more money then they are already loosing now. Some people may not bother with these consoles and just stick to PC due to the lack of being able to use "used games" without limitations.

    PC's are killing the console market and why should Microsoft care about this when millions of people all around the world use their software.
    Nintendo always have smart ideas to keep themselves ahead of their competitors and Sony will be left in the dust if they don't buck up their ideas.
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