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Makoto kicked dirt, rather disappointed. Obviously he didn't feel the sense of sorrow from Sparks departure, though he did feel something bad. He heard Aria say he could do whatever he wanted, though he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. "Spark said to do what you said, and I don't know what I want to do..." He began to feel his head hurt a little, maybe stress. "Can't you tell me to do something? I can read, and find food, and kill people because Spark said I was allowed to." He did have talents at least and he was strong enough to do manual labor, and naive enough to do it too.

She was flying fairly high above the ground. She was the only thing in this world that flew, (at least that she knew) so anyone who looked up may notice her. Her target destination was heading to a place north of the most eastern city. She had gone near that place once but was unable to continue due to waterfalls. Now that she could fly, it would be perfect to be able to get there.

You know we where there once, the place you are going! Plusle said. I don't think we got very far though... Spark was slightly interested in why they would ever be there. Maybe it was something they did in the past. "Well maybe you can guide me through it." it's very basic, and would make a good safe area, though how will you get the others up?

"Well I intended to fly them up one at a time, I mean it would be tiring, but I could do it if I really try maybe." She had thought about this earlier, and this seemed the only way. "Maybe later we can find a way to do it without my assistance."

Xatu finally offered his two sense, Well in the past people would use pulley systems to haul others up and across areas. I don't remember how to make one, though it wasn't very complicated to me and undoubtably you could make a rough one given enough time.

"Well then, if this place is truly safe, then that will be the first thing I do before I return to the others. I think they may use pulley systems in the underground, and I could probably find a way to use my electricity to move it automatically."

I really do believe that you lack the intelligence, resources, and knowledge to accomplish something that complicated. Stick with a pull system where one person works it, that would be best for now. Spark felt like it was an insult, no she was sure it was, but she had no idea what most of his words really meant. Simply stick with the pull system he repeated.

"Very well, if that is the case then we will not rest until we are in the town south of there. So we may be a bit tired." She said out loud. A unison agreement gave her satisfaction. "No more complaining, and no more talking, we should really try and be mentally stronger."

Speak for yourself, but I do agree, meditation would indeed be great. Spark noticed Minun had said nothing since leaving the group, it probably wasn't a big deal though.
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