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Pokemon Sapphire Monotype Update 4:
- Went to Mt. Pyre where I defeated Team Aqua
- Went to the Aqua hideout got the Master Ball and Archie ran away
- Went to Mosdeep and defeated Tate and Liza with Sly (Grovyle) and Galleth (Lilleep/Cradily) who evolved
- Went to the abandoned ship, got the Water Stone and evolved Henriette to a Ludicolo
- Went to Sootopolis city to register it as a flying spot
- Went to the Underwater Cave where Team Aqua was and defeated Archie (I have screen captures :D)
- Went to Sootopolis and caught Kyogre (which I can't use obviously)
- Defeated Wallace with Sly (Grovyle) and Galleth (Cradily... which is becoming the powerhouse of the team)
- Got all 8 badges!!!!!

Screen Captures:

I won't be updating for a while because I'm going to train till lvl 55 to win the league
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