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    I remember reading about this a few days ago, but I can't remember how I found it or even which website I read the information from.

    But I don't like the direction Sony is going with their games. As far as I know, one of the reasons people get interested in purchasing a game is by playing it themselves, whether it's with a friend or not. An example of this is, one of my friends wanted to try out a new game, so he played it at a friends house. After a while he asked them if he could borrow it, and a few days later he purchased it from a local GameStop store.

    I also remember reading (I think from GameInformer or some website) that most video game companies prefer that their consumers share their games with others because it can greatly increase their sales.

    Still, I can only imagine hackers would be able to get around the block anyways since there seems to always be a way for them.

    I don't plan on buying a new console anyways unless I have an absolutely good reason to spend my money on it, or if it goes on sale for a cheap price. Even so, the PS4 would be my only choice since I would never buy a Wii U or XBOX 720.

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