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    OK how about a team who want to unlock a Pokemon of great power. They will be known as Team Apollyon( Apollyon means

    the leader is named Daniel his goal is Pokemon, one that he can control and crush weak Pokemon and weak people.

    Daniel has three commanders:

    Name : Meaning
    Diana : perfection ( seeks and uses po
    Naomi: Beautiful( seeks and uses Pokemon who are the most beautiful)
    Adoram: beauty and power ( seeks and uses Pokemon who are the most beautiful and the strongest)

    i took biblical names, cause (i though that would be cool). Daniel's plan is to release Balak ( it means who lays waste or destroys) . Balak was an ancient Pokemon who's power laid waste to much of the planet causing damage and discord to many people and Pokemon so they prayed and asked for a divine intervention and depending on which version Xerneas and Yveltal defeated and sealed Balak so he can never harm people and Pokemon ever again.

    so the people and Pokemon grateful to Xerneas and Yveltal created a Temple for both Heroes. To prevent Balak from ever arising an order of people and Pokemon known as Knights of light and Hope. They are lead by Omri, a man who's family was tasked to be the leader of the protectors to ensure that Balak never returns.

    So to unlock Balak Team Apollyon needs four seals scattered all over the region and once they do that they also craft a device that allows Daniel to control Balak. When Balak is summoned and placed under Daniel's control he will then try to attack both Xerneas and Yveltal's temples (depending on which version) but will be stalled by all the Gym leaders and elite four and league champion will attempt to stall while the player and the temple priestess try to summon the legendary hero Pokemon.

    After a titanic battle Balak turns into a purified Pokemon known as Gabrillion (based on Gabriel). In recognition of the player's bravery (depending on which version) Xerneas or Yveltal will judge the player worthy and challenge them to a battle ( to capture them ).

    You wont be able to get Gabrillion until after beating the Elite four, after beating the elite four you'll get call from Omri telling you to get to the temple ASAP, you go to the temple and Gabrillion decides to you are worthy and wants to go with you ( if you have a free slot in your party) afterwards you'll be given an item known as the Dark cape if you give it to Gabrillion they will form change to Balak.

    so that's my idea highly unlikely but i thought id give it a try. sorry about the long read i wanted to be detailed as possible. Oh and all the leaders are arrested by Officer Jenny.
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