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    Goronis (evolves at Level 30)
    Gorillon (evolves at level 47)
    Goriongorus ( All Gorilla, Dark/fighting)

    Pandfu (evolves at level 25)
    Pandshu(evolves when it learns seismic thurst, when leveled up during the night)
    Pandfushu ( All Panda, Normal Fighting)

    Ankylos(evolves at level 45)
    Armakylos( Steel/Ground Ankylosaurus)

    Steglen (evolves at Level 55)
    Stegelladon ( Grass/Ground all Stegosaurus)

    Griffon(evolves when leveled up with friendship during the day) ( Normal Dragon)
    Griffith(evolves anytime with a moonstone provided they are above level 55) ( Dragon/Flying)
    Griphillian( All based on Griffins) ( Dragon/flying)

    Ezel( Lion, normal)
    Ezoros(Lion, Normal/ground evolves to at level 25)
    Alpharis ( Fire/ground based on a lion evolves when Ezoros is exposed to a firestone or when on
    Alpherum( Water/ ground based on a Lion, Evolves when Ezoros is exposed to a waterstone after level 35 or after Level 35 leveled up when on water)

    (L) Azelgon ( Dragon/ Water)*
    (L) Pyros ( Dragon/ Fire)*2
    (L) Kymerium ( Ground Flying, based on a Chimera)

    *Google Dragon first row second pic there's a blue dragon creating a fireball it should look something like that. Exclusive to which ever version Yveltal is found in.
    *2 Google Red Dragon and the seventh from the first row it should look something like that . Exclusive to which ever version Xerneas is found.
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