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Bug monotype challenge UNOVA UPDATE #2

Did the pokestar studios stuff (so boring :'c )
Went to castelia city
Did the castelia sewers stuff
Cleopatra evolved into Leavanny
Beat castelia gym
Beat colress
CAUGHT DWEBBLE party member #2
called her ROCKstar
Put Temp in PC
Went to nimbasa city
Challenged Elesa
CAUGHT VESPIQUEN party member #3
Called her Victoria (all my pokés so far are girls )
Did a heap of unnecessary training
ROCKstar evolved into Crustle
Realised if you used stealth rock on Elesa you could beat Emolga and Flaafy without doing anything
Beat Elesa

Team Hemiptera:

Leavanny (Cleopatra) Lv. 34
Bug bite
Razor leaf

Crustle (ROCKstar) Lv. 35
Stealth rock
Rock slide
Bug bite

Vespiquen (Victoria) Lv. 34
Heal order
Power gem

Progress: 4/8

(For the record, fennekin is the best of the new starters)
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