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Originally Posted by mamoswineftw View Post
Hey guys,

I'm currently overseas and have gone and left my ds/games back home. Since I have some free time, I was hoping to do a challenge or two, but I've exhausted myself of Kanto and Johto, and would appreciate a break from Hoenn for a bit. I really want to do Sinnoh and Unova, but I want to know if anyone can recommend an emulator to use?

Please understand that I am not requesting roms, just an emulator.

Also, I would prefer if there were some way to have sped up gameplay? Maybe not to th degree of the speed button on vba, but something to allow me to quicker complete a challenge.

Cheers in advance.

And I just remembered something else - can someone enlighten me on how to make banners? Or know someone who could do some? I really like the look of (for example) jdthebud's banner for his USCs.

I think your question may be better suited to the emulation forum. In fact there may already be a thread there with recommended emulators.
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